May Serenity Reign

First step towards serenity is to address Mental Illness.

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We provide Consultation and Medical Legal Reports services. Under consultation, we provide Face to Face consultation, Telephone consultation and Video consultation, which will be will be coming soon.

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Find us in Spire Little Aston Hospital and Ashfurlong Medical Center.

Information to Patient

We will offer professional opinion and advice after consultation and work with you to come up with an individually tailored holistic care plan.

About Dr. Pravir Sharma

Consultant Psychiatrist
Health Specialist
Expert Witness

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I am a fully registered member of General Medical Council – Registration number is: 4387893. Revalidation date: Feb 2021

Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (Jan, 2015)

Member of the MDDUS (Medical and Dentists Union of Scotland)

I have been a Consultant for 17 plus years in the NHS. I have special expertise in treating the elderly, mentally ill. I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, a lifetime member of British Indian Psychiatric Association, and Second Opinion Appointed Doctor with the Care Quality Commission.
I did my basic medical training at Kurnool Medical College, India. I proceeded to train for Post Graduate psychiatry at the prestigious National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore, India. I then came to the UK to Specialise in Psychiatry and after my training got a Certificate in Specialist Training CCST in Old Age Psychiatry in 2002. I have worked as a Consultant in Psychiatry ( Old Age), ever since. I have a full-time NHS job in an inner-city urban area where I lead a community Psychiatric Team. I love my job and consider myself privileged to be able to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives in some small way, to the best of my ability.
I am married with 2 school-going children.
My friends and colleagues describe me as helpful, trustworthy and considerate. I see myself as social, fun loving, passionate about my job, reflective and devoted to my family. My interests lie in reading, trekking and travel.

My Approach to Mental health

Mental health is a fragile thing, yet most of us go through our lives without the need to see a psychiatrist. Some struggle with mental health problems without recognising what they are struggling with and spend long periods in unnecessary suffering. It is often difficult to distinguish depression illness from low mood.
My wish is to help you to distinguish mental illness from more ubiquitous stress and worry and get appropriate help to overcome it. It may require medication or psychological therapy. It may simply need to be recognised and observed for now. Getting to ‘know the enemy’ may win half the battle. 

Consider the common types of Depression;
There are mild, moderate and severe grades of depression based on severity and number of symptoms. The milder grades are best treated by support, counselling and psychotherapy, while physical treatments such as medication and ECT (Electro convulsive therapy) are more effective for moderate to severe forms. There is a range of psychotherapy and counselling approaches and a certain fit between the therapist, the kind of therapy and patient is required for the treatment to work well. Then there are complications such as existing physical illnesses, medications, behaviours and risks, presenting alongside different notions, beliefs and attitudes towards the condition and its treatment. These make the job of psychiatrists like myself, very interesting and challenging.


Dementia is a generic term used for brain disorders with memory problems along with disturbances in other brain functions. Early and accurate diagnosis helps by preparing individuals and family for it and also help services to provide adequate care and support. It is possible to slow down some forms of dementia in their relentless progress to severe stages. Assessment to carefully diagnose the type of dementia that best responds to such treatment is essential.

I would endeavour to take you through this journey with care and sensitivity, offering the best support and advice individually tailored to you and agreed with you.
I will offer my professional opinion and advice after consultation and work with you to come up with a holistic care plan. I will work with your GP, keeping him or her informed and offer to follow up care where required
I offer a one-stop comprehensive assessment and management service for people who are getting concerned about memory problems. I can request MRI brain scans and interpret the results appropriately to arrive at a diagnosis, initiate and monitor treatments for dementia and for associated mental health conditions such as depression, agitation and aggression that can accompany it.

Medico Legal Practice

I am a section 12 Approved doctor trained in the use of the Mental Health Act.
I am the Responsible Clinician for patients who are under my care. This is a role recognized by the Government and GMC that is entrusted with the care of persons receiving treatment under the Mental Health Act.
Training Relevant to Medicolegal Practice
Risk assessment Workshop/ Training provided by my Mental Health Trust
Continuing professional development in Mental Health Law/ Mental Capacity Law.
Medico-Legal Training: Education and Training Centre at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 1 day course in Writing for Courts- Ensuring Quality and Effectiveness.

Medico Legal Work:

1.Expert witness report for road traffic accidents and other accidents at work.
2.Clinical negligence.
3.Employment tribunal report.
4.Capacity assessment report for court of protection
5.Power of attorney assessment and report
6.Testamentary capacity assessment & report
7.Fitness to Plead and to stand trial assessment and report.
8.Report for immigration purpose, tier 3 reports for asylum.
For further information about me,