Medical Legal Report


   There are a number of different ways you can see your psychiatrist to discuss your health and wellbeing.

Access our pre-bookable appointments by calling us.

Telephone appointments for patients who require advice on the day.

Can’t see your Doctor? We are providing video consultations.

Face To Face Consultation

You can book an appointment to see your psychiatrist  or one of their team. 

This is usually a 60 minute appointment with the Consultant. You can attend alone or with a family member or friend. You will be given an opportunity to see the Consultant on your own. The assessment may involve a discussion, psychological testing and any necessary physical examination (if appropriate). The Consultant is able to give a provisional diagnosis, usually at the end of this assessment. A treatment plan is constructed with your involvement and agreement. The consultant can issue you a private prescription for any medication he is recommending or write to your GP requesting the same. A detailed report is sent to your GP about the consultation and plan of treatment and a copy is posted to you.
The purpose of assessment is to:
1. Clarify diagnosis;
2. Create a care plan; and
3. Increase your understanding of the condition.
A follow up appointment is offered (if necessary and appropriate).

Telephone Consultation

You can book a telephone consultation to speak with your psychiatrist or one of their team. 

Video Consultation

You can book a Video consultation with your psychiatrist or one of their team.

Medical Legal Report

Dr Sharma has provided psychiatric assessments in a wide range of cases in Civil and Criminal Cases. He is a recommended APIL expert (Tier 1) and has received CPR report writing, court attendance training. He has expertise in all general psychiatric conditions with specific expertise in psychosis, mood disorders and liaison psychiatry. He aims to furnish standard reports within a maximum of 6-8 weeks from receipt of your complete instructions (following review of depositions and relevant records and psychiatric assessment). Instructions must be received in writing and terms and conditions accepted before any work is undertaken. He is available to assess patients across the UK.

Medico-legal reports for civil cases (CPR compliant)

Psychiatric reports in connection with matters before Employment Tribunals
Assessment of fitness to plead and fitness to stand trial
Assessment of disability (Equality Act 2010)
Assessment of mental capacity
Assessment of litigation capacity
Psychiatric reports in connection with housing/antisocial behaviour
Independent psychiatric reports
Reports related to fitness to practice (GMC, GPhC, GDC)
Reports related to clinical negligence.

Personal Injury Cases:

Assessing Psychiatric Injuries
Road Traffic Accidents
Workplace Accidents
Trauma Sequelae
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Psychosomatic Disorders/ Munchausen / Malingering – fraudulent simulation or exaggeration of symptoms assessments
Psychopathology / Psychiatric Disorders
Anxiety Disorders / Depression / Stress Disorders
Psychiatry Injury due to Medical Negligence / Clinical Negligence
Victims of Crime and Abuse
Psychological causation of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
Secondary Victim Psychiatric Injury Assessments

Immigration / Asylum Cases:

Mental Capacity
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders
Deportation and its impact on families
Risk Assessments
Diagnosis of Mental Health and treatments

Employment : Stress Assessments

Fitness to work
Anxiety Disorders
Sexual Discrimination
Equality Act Assessments
Bullying at work
Trauma’s at work
Return to work