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Excellent, very caring and kind doctor. i wish all the doctor like him. he is the best example of professional person who put patient care as top priority. By Anonymous               

He was so helpful, very understanding and thorough. decided on a change in medication which has already started to be beneficial to my well-being. By Anonymous               

Dr sharma provided an excellent service to my elderly mum who was in a care home. he held a zoom call with her for an hour, listening carefully and followed up twice as medication was adjusted. we had great faith in him and he helped manage her through a nasty psychosis. By Anonymous               

Dr sharma’s care, commitment, and insight in treating my bipolar disorder has been impeccable. i live a much, much better life since being treated by him. By Anonymous               

I would recommend this doctor to people going through any type of anxiety disorder. i had anxiety for almost 3 years and went to dr. sharma during this phase. he helped alot and introduced me to cbt, and dr paul maloney, a cbt specialist. the both helped me conquer my anxiety. By Anonymous               

Dr sharma had been amazing to my daughter. his bedside manner is brilliant, and he certainly knows his stuff. i would highly recommend him to anyone. By Anonymous               

So pleased to have found dr sharma, who has a wonderful manner and has been a great help to me. it’s not easy finding a good psychiatrist, but i would certainly not go elsewhere now. thank you so much. By Anonymous               

Excellent communication and didn???t have to wait long to see dr sharma. he is very professional and has helped me with my health queries. would highly recommend. By Anonymous               

Excellent listener to patients problem enabling a positive outcome to resolve my wife???s condition supported by a plan to monitor progress which appeared beyond the capability of our gp. thank you dr sharma as you???ve given my wife her life back. By Anonymous               

Attentive, measured, relaxed and professional doctor, would recommend. By Anonymous               

Couldn’t have been happier with consultation with dr sharma. By Anonymous               

Excellent. By Anonymous               

Very kind and thorough assessment and treatment by dr sharma. By Anonymous               

Dr sharma put my mind at ease and i have benefited greatly from his help. i was uncertain what to expect but i feel better and am making improvements with his recommendations and prescription. thank you. By Anonymous               

Really impressed with dr pravir sharma???s approach to some medication side affects i was having. within 2 weeks of our first consultation i had made some really positive steps forwards. very polite and clearly very competent i highly recommend dr sharma. By Anonymous               

Hello Dr Sharma

I just wanted to let you know that my mum CK died yesterday morning. They did let me visit her the previous day as she was at end of life which I am thankful for. She is now free from all her mental and medical conditions and Is finally at peace 💛

I want to thank you for all your help, support and work with my mum and my family over the years. You our truly one of the most empathetic psychiatrists I have met (and I work with a lot lol) and your patients are very lucky to have you.

I wish you and your family good health during this stressful time.  By EA and family 

Can I just let you know that after many trials and representations, Mr.H was finally successful in  his appeal for asylum in the United Kingdom. He has been granted leave to remain and  naturally, he is overjoyed at the news. Mr.H has asked me to pass on his sincere thanks and appreciation to DR. SHARMA and your good self for all the care and kindness he received at Sutton Coldfield and to express his  heartfelt thanks for everything that contributed towards him gaining refugee status. This is a huge blessing to him and he is deeply grateful that he can look forward with hope and  some expectation of a new beginning in his life.  By Anonymous                             

Thank you for making my psychiatric placement enjoyable. By H 

Thanks so much for all of your help and support. By J

Thanks for an excellent placement. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot. By A

Thank you very much for your invaluable support. By R